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Mattress King Denver

When looking for a new mattress or bed in the state of Colorado, you cannot go wrong visiting Mattress King Denver. In business for well over a decade, it has established itself as an authority when it comes to all things sleep quality related.

What struck me most when visiting for the first time was the vast array of mattresses and beds on offer. They truly cater to anyone's need. Many Coloradans seem to agree, as the company has been able to expand and open extra stores in de Denver Metro Area, around Boulder and in Colorado Springs. Their flagship store along East 51st Ave in Denver is easy to reach, with ample parking space and a huge collection of mattresses.

Having been a customer since 1999 the Mattress King has never let me down. It is an opinion I seem to share with many of their customers, since reviews on the whole are positive almost without exception. Of course, every company slips up every now and then, but customer service is top notch and any initial wrongdoing has been handily taken care of, online reviews state.

Talking about the collection, Mattress King Denver concentrates on 5 brands of mattresses specifically, namely:

Serta - The Illinois mattress company has established itself as a leading brand, and the Mattress King has been keen to pick up some of their most succesful products. You very well know them from the Counting Sheep advertising campaigns, beautifully made by the famous Aardman Animations. It's range includes a broad choice, from the affordable Gavin to the high end Genius.

Tempur-Pedic - More of a high end choice, Tempur mattresses are of exceptional quality, and it's no surprise that the King chose to carry this particular type. Models start out around $1500, but if you want to go all out The Grand will set you back almost $7000.

Stearns and Foster - part of the Sealy family, these luxury hand made mattresses have made a name for themselves for almost a century. You can hardly go wrong with the expertise this company has built up in the past decades, and they keep on pioneering and being on the forefront of mattress invention.

Simmons - 135 years of experience can't be wrong. Ever since its conception in 1870, the Simmons factory in Wisconsin has been on the cutting edge of sleep technology, especially when it comes to affordability. The Mattress King offers a range of Simmons matresses, from the cheap Treasure Eurotop to the high end Enchanting Star.

Sealy - American quality if you've ever seen it, Sealy has been the big name in US mattress production for over a century. The aforementioned Stearns and Foster are part of this big company. At the Mattress King Denver, you will find the medium priced Hallbrook, with the top product Osborne rounding out at just under $1100.

All in all, the extensive collection and brands of mattresses make the Mattress King Denver the best choice for Coloradans. Don't hesitate to pay them a visit when considering a new mattress for your sleeping needs.